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Letter from Breck Parkman to Betsey Baldwin

Address: Miss Betsey Baldwin, Brookfield

Westborough Jan 10 1788

Dear Betsey

You no doubt will think very odd of this you have broke the seals of this letter to find my name at the
bottom, -- but -- Oh! the occation -- death has again broke in upon us, we are again wringing our hands & wiping our eyes -- Josiah is no more. Oh, hes gone, he is gone. His pious soul that sat so long quivering on his lips last evening at 5 o'clock took its flight. He has made his leap into a boundless eternity, he is gone to receive the rewards of his Virtue & piety, his body lies a cold lifeless corps by the wall stifned with death, no more we hear him speak, he breaths not -- weep, weep with me oh my friend, for I am sensibly touchd in the most tender part -- this causes a new gush from eyes already drownd by weeping, he was my faithful friend my kind & tender Brother but hes no more. -- After his reprieve from his [summer?] sickness went to Dedham, to a famous Doctor -- [stayed?] 10 days but got no relief. 2 days after his return was taken with a fainting, he died away, we were all alarmed with it, but he came too & in part recovered. But left him very weak, he grew weaker daily, was sensible he could not live & seem'd not much to desire it, he by degrees lost his voice & for more than a week before his death could not speak loud. Abt 2 oClock yesterday he was struck with Death, he was sensible of it, said he was going, took his leave of us with great composure, had his senses bright to the last, he breathd shorter & shorter, a few minutes before death -- was heard to say -- why tarry his chariot wheels so long? -- then after a few more breaths, come Lord Jesus come quickly -- then -- into thy hands I commit my Spirit -- then ceas'd to breath -- so died our worthy friend as a pius christian dies. The Funeral to be next Tuesday 1 oClock.

I add no more but your afflicted friend

Breck Parkman