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Letter from Elias Parkman to Betsey Baldwin

Address: Miss Betsey Baldwin, Brookfield, to be left at Mr. Samuel Parkmans, Boston

Date: July 30, 1782

Gloucester (CA) July 30 1782

My dear,

My Inclination prohibits my Neglect of so favourable an Opportunity as now presents itself by a Vessel bound to Boston and the pleasing sensation of my situation might afford sufficient Topic for a Volume yet my Business will not afford me more than the contracted space of a few Minutes. I mentioned my Intention of writing to you to several, they immediately begged the Favor of inserting their Love Compliments & Respects and every Expression of endearment particularly Mrs. Dean & Mrs. Coffin and theirs. Mr. Tristram is just about being married to Miss Betzey Warner as the Talk is. Miss Eunice Coffin is in a very poor state of Health. Revd Forbes & Lady, Mr. P. Coffin & Lady are meditating upon a journey to Brookfield in I think of accompanying them will please myself to chat over the whole Affair. The Ladies accompany me in Salutation, to you. Please to write me. I am yours affectionately

Elias Parkman

To Miss Betsey Baldwin

NB. Doct. Coffin & Lady present Compliments to you, wish to see you at C.Ann.


From Elias Parkman to Betsey Baldwin

Address: Miss Betsey Baldwin, Brookfield, Pr Mr Newton

Westboro April 18 1783

My Dear Betsey

The pleasures of Life seems greatly eclips'd by Mournful Changes in Providence and Human Frailty seems exemplified first in the Removal of my Hon'd Father then in the Death of your amiable Brother and my worthy Friend. My dear I cordially condole with you in this visitation of divine Providence. May we eye the Rod and Him that appointed it. I sincerely wish each of us may benefit by such Dispensations.

Respecting your late worthy Brother I reflect upon his Conversation with pleasure his Character was amiable, his Collegiate Acquaintance mourn the Loss of him as one who was honorable in that he regarded virtue & Religion these he prefer'd before the Diversion & Pleasures of this Life and we have reason to think his Exit was happy altho in the Bloom of Youth -- Time fails me or I should be happy in writing more but must releive your Patience by only adding the Reasons of no one of this Family visiting at his Interment.

My Brother Brigham received the Letter [?Pr] Mr. Ware's purposing to attend (but Mr. Parkman being absent at Boston)he was unwillingly disappointed -- I was at a Distance from this Place or I should have been happy even in paying my last Respect with you to his Memory, and in personal Condolence with you. --

Suffer me to (thus abruptly) relieve your Patience and believe me to be your most cordial Friend & wellwisher

and Humble Servant

Elias Parkman

NB. I purpose to visit Cape Ann the next Week to personally acknowledge the Favor of Letters in which the Gentlemen (particularly Mr. G. Whittemore) are expressive of Respect to You.

PS Honor my File with your Name as one in Correspondence and you will add Happiness to your Friend  EP

My Sisters subjoin their Love with mine