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Foods That Made New England Famous

Cabbage Salad Ingredients: Small, solid green cabbage 2 eggs 1/4 tsp dry mustard 3 Tbs sugar Dash of salt 1/4 C vinegar 2 Tbs butter 1/2 C heavy cream, whipped Prepare the dressing: beat eggs slightly, add dry ingredients, then vinegar and butter. Put in double boiler and cook until thick, stirring constantly. This only takes a few minutes. Set aside to cool, then chill. When ready to mix with the cabbage, add the whipped cream. Wash, drain, and wipe dry the cabbage. Shred it and mix with the dressing. Sprinkle with a dash of cayenne if desired. This may be mixed and chilled a few hours before serving. Do not confuse this dish with the stuff they call "cole slaw" outside of New England. This is cabbage salad, pronounced "cabbidge sallid" and it has character!