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Address: Miss Betsy Baldwin, Brookfield

[?N Bm] Westborough, June 4

My Dear Sister

by Mr. Aikens I have the opportunity to tell you how happy I am. Last week Doct. Parkman and his Lady safely arrived att Westboro. She is a fine woman was you to see her you woud have ben as I do. She is worthy pleasant and agreable calculated to make him happy. My Brother and I went with them to Hopkinson a charming visit and Oliva returned with as you may well suppose me happy. I wish you was here then I shoud have all my sisters with me. Betsy I must tell you once more I want Exceedingly to see you pray make me a visit if posible this winter. I will do every thing in my power to make you happy. Our sweet friend Oliva I hope will spend a fornight with me. I shall do all my visiting while I have her good company. This week we propose to go to Sutton to visit Cloe, we are
all a wishing for your company. but this is too much happiness for me. My Dear Girl write every opportunity to
your friend who loves you for ever and ever.

Nancy Brigham

P.S. The Doct. Lady and my sister joins with in Love to you.

Miss Betsy Baldwin