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Elizabeth (Eliza, Betsy) Baldwin

Betsy's home was in Brookfield, Massachusetts. As a young woman she often visited Gloucester, Massachusetts, where she had many friends. She saved a great many letters from her family and friends, from the 1770s onward, which are in process of being transcribed.

Letters are arranged in files by who wrote to her: her father, Jeduthun Baldwin; her brother, "Siderio"; her cousin Polly, and so on. As new letters are transcribed, these files will be updated here. Within each file, I am trying to keep letters in chronological order, but occasionally haste overcame that care for posterity which should drive us to date everything we set our hand to, and I just stuck them in as I came to them, internal evidence be hanged!

Letters from Jeduthun Baldwin, her father
Letters from Jeduthun, her brother
Letters from Siderio, who signs himself "Brother and friend" (hmm)
Letters from Nancy Brigham
Letters from Polly Coffin
Letters from B. Gilbert
Letters from Maria, her friend (a great deal of high-flown language here)
Letters from B. Parkman
Letters from Elias Parkman (uncle, I think)
Letters from Polly Parsons

Have patience. More stuff is forthcoming in the fall, when we're indoors more.

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