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There is a little St. Phydo in every church, and a little of every church in St. Phydo's. We love our St. Phydo by the Pound and we hope you do too.

St. Phydo
By the Pound

A member church of
American Religious Federation
World Order Of Faith

(A Division of General Religion)

Who Was St. Phydo?

St. Phydo, born in the early ninth century, was a citizen of the largest city in what is now Lesser Slovonia, and the modern version of his name is actually a contraction of his full name, Phyrohydrantos. Son of a rich and powerful family, in his youth Phydo indulged in every sort of idol worship and drunken excess.

His pagan youth culminated in an orgy so revolting that on his way home, every dog in his path attacked him, and Phyrohydrantos nearly died. During his long recovery, he was converted to Christianity. Since dogs had been the instrument of his conversion, Phydo became their protector, building shelters for them and nursing those who were sick or injured back to health. Indeed, pious owners began naming their dogs after him while he was still alive.

Upon his death, a simple monument was erected above his grave. A vertical cylinder topped with a small dome, it had cylinders protruding from its side, and is known today as the Cross of St. Phydo. In keeping with his humility of spirit, it was not elevated on a plinth, but placed at ground level. Upon its base was inscribed "Phyrohydrantos," with the P-P-P symbol we now know so well.

Shortly after his death, dog owners who came to pay reverence to his memory noticed that old and ailing dogs, even those who suffered from extreme blockage of the urinary tract, were instantly restored to perfect health. The many witnesses to these healing powers barked and whined at the Pope, Avecanem I, until Phyrohydrantos was canonized as St. Phydo.

St. Phydo remains a powerful and pervasive presence in towns and cities everywhere. Although his name no longer appears on them, replicas of his tombstone are to be found on every block, and all dogs, if permitted to do so, still pay him reverence.

The Phlikolarion

The Saint is usually pictured wearing the Phlikolarion, the forerunner of today's clerical "dog collar." The Phlikolarion was originally worn to ward off evil spirits, but the collar was Christianized by the learned Repelenz of Hartz, and first reported in the Pestarion of Demetrios of Ra'id.

The Cross of St. Phydo

The Cross of St. Phydo is easily recognized wherever it is found. Although, as noted in the biography of St. Phydo, these crosses are most often found in cities and towns, occasionally a rural wayfarer will find one, a truly memorable experience!


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